Orphanages: The Harsh Reality in Honduras

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Oct 062015
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Orphanages: The Harsh Realities of Orphan Care in Honduras

Honduras is an extremely impoverished country in Central America. About 75% of the 8 million people living there exist in poverty. As a consequence of this poverty and other factors, 170,000 to 200,000 children live on the streets. Other factors leading to child homelessness are domestic and sexual abuse, substance use, and family issues. Some street children are simply sent to the streets because their families can’t afford them or simply don’t want them. Many of these kids are malnourished, uneducated and addicted to drugs or huffing glue. They are viewed as a nuisance by some of the general population, police, and government agencies.

These orphans who end up living on the streets must face daily threats and risks. Some are threatened with death if they don’t join the local gangs. Perhaps the most serious risk for street children is the day to day fear for their safety in a world where violence could appear just around the corner… Most participate in petty crime to survive. Economic upheaval, social unrest and political turmoil including corruption bring crisis to families and street children. Infections, including HIV are a threat to them. They can’t rely on government or police to help them in times of trouble. These systems are fraught with corruption.

Orphanages in the large cities of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula in Honduras have taken in some of the street children. Unfortunately, some of them have fled the orphanages and gone back to existence on the streets. This situation became common because living in a safe place with food and comfort was not enough to keep them from a life of addiction to the toxic and very addictive “yellow” glue that is highly damaging to the body.

According to Humanium, accurate information about the street children and orphans and their care and rights is difficult to determine. This is because investigation by human rights investigators and journalists are discouraged, and sometimes they are arrested or killed. The best interests of children are not of great concern because of corruption and other economic and political attitudes. The educational system is not adequate and many children drop out. Girls are often reluctant to attend school for fear of sexual assault. Children with disabilities are generally not supported in any of the educational systems and are left in social isolation.

The many problems that these children face can lead to conditions where they must live without a family to care for and protect them. Some are sent to live in special centers, but not enough public money is available for the more than 200,000 to be housed in these centers or other religious orphanages in the country.

An orphanage called the Casitas Kennedy has rescued and cares for some special needs children. These children receive adequate care and learn to read and write. They may learn skills they can use for earning a living. These children and others who are fortunate enough to live in a good orphanage escape the life of danger and extreme poverty. There are not enough facilities to serve all who need help.

Hope is also on the way from a new wave of organizations focusing on the foster care model.  In an effort to replicate much of what is good about the privatized foster care agencies in the United States and elsewhere, these groups are helping to identify, educate and support families who are willing to care children.  Their hope is to have newborns and very young children who are just entering the system to be in the care of a loving family, and not large orphanages.

Nov 202015

A much better globe with little one sponsor

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Kid sponsor allows a frequent individual in an evolved country to aid a little one from an inadequately built part of the globe until he can end up being private. This aid comprises in funds, clothes, support and anything that may create an improvement. This method is generally performed with a child support organization which deals with funds transmissions and contacts between supporters and little ones. Though they are in some cases blamed due to developing cultural spaces in between youngsters of the Third planet, the kid sponsorship companies are actually the ones that try to give a helping hand when everyone else has actually turned their backs to the destiny of the unfavorable.

Kid support pays attention to disadvantaged little ones which lack even low food items, pond and also sanctuary and that live a challenging lifespan without anybody taking care of all of them or giving all of them with a learning. Several of one of the most affected nations are Paraguay, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia as well as South america and each delivers a different problem because of kid sponsor associations.
1. South america is actually one special case as this is a country of extremes. Rich communities exist side-by-side near skid rows and also shack communities. Children are actually often utilized for labor listed here as well as education and learning is actually almost non-existent.
2. Colombia is actually a nation torn through wars where youngster sponsor is difficult to find. Youngsters there are actually frequently taught to become soldiers or even bombers and also the only learning they obtain is actually indicated to instruct all of them ways to utilize a devices.
3. Honduras is separated right into incredibly wealthy as well as exceptionally unsatisfactory. Little one support companies have a tough time overcoming the nepotism as well as scarcity. Real estate is actually low as well as education and learning coincides. Merely 24 % of the population is able to read, consequently this nation requires close youngster sponsorship.
4. Guatemala is the area where almost all the kids are miserable. The rate of crib death is high as well as learning is unsatisfactory. Youngster support might actually carry out some good here through assistance at least a number of the 60 % of children that stay in rural areas. They are actually the ones that are put to work in the business early in their lifespan.
5. Peru is a country where most of the children are actually certainly not effectively educated. A kid support program would really assist in a nation where a lot of the population is actually quite unsatisfactory and wanting hopeless assistance.
6. Nonetheless wonderful Paraguay is, 60 % of its population experiences of scarcity. The youngsters are actually the ones with the largest issues. Reports reveal that 1 third of them never ever accomplish college given that they can not speak the nationwide foreign language. Kid sponsor could help these little ones reintegrate in to culture through showing all of them and also delivering financial backing.

This quick discussion of youngster sponsorship association seekings is intended to advise of the challenges innocent little ones need to go by means of in a few effectively recognized component of today’s world. Together could easily see, kid support is actually necessary and that is at times a challenging project calling for invasion right into really harmful regions of the planet. NGOs, as child sponsor associations are actually additionally named, have no revenue out of the task they lead. This is why scams seem all of the time. There are some false child sponsorship associations that really take money for their private enthusiasms as opposed to delivering that to the kids. However true this may be actually, there are still some folks that would like to perform good to inadequate souls in need. They are worthy of to become provided the possibility to spare somebody if they can easily and if they want to. One need to not generalize and say all youngster sponsors are counterfeits because of some exemptions.

Talking to a kid support association is quite easy. One could make use of communication through mail, fax or even via the World wide web. Some business allow individuals to deliver payment VIA email or by utilizing on-line payment. There are actually two means to sponsor a little one. Periodical settlement is among all of them and that is one of the most beneficial due to a child. The individual which uses child support could have a direct connection with the youngster if he prefers to. Tiny gifts and characters can easily allow the kid learn that somebody is thinking about him and giving assistance in his schedule of requirement. If such a technique would be as well very painful or even if the individual could not manage a month to month donation, he could still perform some good by using the once repayment. A child in a photo selection may be the beneficiary of good intentions. While some mention that assisting merely with money is vulgar and underhanded, it is actually the only successful method of helping these little ones. If choosing a kid from several is an agonizing task, that is actually apparent youngster support courses can not assist all kids as well as somebody needs to make a decision. Possibly in time, through a lot of reasonable individuals, little one support systems will have the ability to aid the majority of all of them. Nonetheless, this tip is very excellent and, unfortunately there are actually very few curious about doing this.

Child sponsor is just one of one of the most rewarding charity activities due to both contributors and also recipients. This is not thankfulness that produces the most effective payment an individual may acquire coming from a youngster, yet knowing he has actually made a favorable change around the world as well as his activities will definitely demonstrate in many more in turn. Excellent brings to life better.

Oct 302015

Volunteer In Latin The u.s.a The Experience You Need

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Latin America provides a lot of chances for volunteer job and even more in training English. This South American region offers attractive landscape as well as travel chances to locations that are a lot more become aware of than seen. Volunteering in Latin The u.s.a has raised in the current past due to a neglecting economic situation, hardship, and illiteracy as well as political as well as civil battles as well as strife. But the fact is that Latin American nations have a wealth of natural deposits, yet are still taken into consideration as developing nations by those in North America as well as Europe.

So if you are interested in abroad volunteer work after that Latin America is a place to be. Several of the relatively established countries in Latin The u.s.a like Argentina as well as Costa Rica have considerable number of people here the hardship line. Apart from this the majority of Latin American nations are not well versed with English, which is gradually ending up being an international language. Volunteering in Latin The u.s.a can vary from nation to country and also it can include from neighborhood advancement, health and wellness education and learning, ecological job or even sports. As a specific, you could always select the sort of overseas volunteer work you wish to participate in and also the duration that you wish to help.

Volunteering in Latin The u.s.a includes the following types of job:

Conservation volunteerism: This is of prime importance specifically because a large part of the Amazon.com rain forest has actually disappeared and with it has went away lots of environments. You could select volunteering work from various sorts of preservation projects that include conservation of endangered varieties of turtles in Costa Rica and Trinidad & Tobago; Wild animals rehabilitation facilities in Brazil, Argentina and also Ecuador and also conserve woodlands as well as ecological projects in Brazil (mainly Amazon), Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala etc. You don’t have to have any type of type of degree in animal behavior, all you require is love for nature, pets and a will making a difference and conserve the planet as well as its diminishing natural resources.

Health Volunteerism: Volunteering in Latin America rotates a lot around health as well as related solutions since most of the countries there do not have the needed framework or proficient individuals that include, medical professionals, nurses as well as various other doctors. Lack of education also suggests that health issue go to a surge in the backward areas and smaller communities. You can get a bunch of direct exposure with volunteer operate in medical facilities in Ecuador and also Honduras.

Sports Volunteerism: Sports could seem to be the unlikely location for volunteer job. South America has a bunch of showing off talent particularly in soccer yet there is no framework, coaches or training camp that could sharpen the abilities of the young people or teenagers who want to go into the expert sporting activities field. Soccer is like a religion in some nations like Brazil and also Argentina, who have actually also made their mark on the Globe phase. El futbol is thought about to be a lifestyle, so if you have ever before coached any groups or played in any league video games in Europe or different parts of the globe then you could volunteer as a football/soccer train.

Volunteer Neighborhood Development: Although South America offers a very photo that advertises the smiles, the sunlight, the sand, the huge hand trees, the beautiful and exotic wild animals, there is much job to be carried out in regards to community advancement. Latin The u.s.a struggles with a disparity of wealth and also there are many individuals that dream of a much better life, more cash so that they can provide the fundamental requirements to their youngsters or parents. Volunteering in Latin America in Neighborhood growth will entail several elements like training English, creating projects that will profit the culture as a whole, helping old aged individuals and orphans, giving education and learning to road kids and more. It is all effort however the end outcome is pleasing due to the fact that you will certainly be one of the few people to have actually made a distinction.

4 Proven Strategies to Improve Family Stability in Honduras

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Oct 202015

Adopting a child is an act that is meant to not only strengthen families, but also the spirit. In Honduras, there are many children in orphanages or in foster care, and would-be parents in America and across the globe who are unable to have children of their own should take note. There is never a bad time to take on the role of being a parent, so if you’ve been considering adopting or fostering, now is your chance to bring the love you possess into the life of a child.

How Do Orphans Become Orphans?

In Honduras, as in other parts of the world, orphaned children become so due to a variety of reasons. In some cases, children become orphans due to being abandoned by their parents. In other cases, a couple may have a child, but one partner leaves, bestowing a heavy burden on the remaining parent. When this happens, the single parent may not be able to emotionally or financially support the child. Still, in other cases, the orphaned child may lose both parents to an auto accident or other loss of life. At that point, the child typically becomes a ward of the state.

How Can You Improve Family Stability Upon Adopting or Fostering?

Whether you choose to adopt or foster a child or children, there are some challenges that can come along with the process of incorporating your new addition into the family. Below are four proven strategies to improve family stability:

1. Patience is the Key

Aside from love, patience is one of the keys to bringing someone new into your family. Patience needs to be available to not only your new addition, but also to your spouse and other family members. Your family is undergoing a huge change right now, so everyone needs to take it easy.

2. Be the Parent

Often times, especially in cases of foster parenting, the issue of discipline becomes a concern. Parents of foster children or orphans can either become too authoritative or too easy to walk all over. Find a middle ground. When fostering children, try to see the situation through their eyes, After adopting a child, realize that you are a forever parent and act with a moderate temperament.

3. Show Them That You Care

Going off of the last point, fostered or adopted children need to know that you care. They may experience emotional issues that would not be experienced by children of birth parents. Understand this, do your research and adjust your parenting style accordingly.

4. Rely on Family and Friends

You should also realize that adopting or fostering a child is going to change the way you live your life. Aside from relying on your spouse for support, you should also seek support from family and friends. These resources can add encouragement, advice and knowledge to your parenting experience.

Is Family Assistance Available?

In some cases, choosing to adopt a child or take them into foster care could result in family assistance. Family assistance funds can help to provide for basic care of the adopted or fostered child, even if the adopting couple earns an income that disqualifies them from other government benefits. This will depend upon the state and country in which the family and child reside as well as well as the state or country from which the child has been adopted or fostered.

Tips to Plan Your Mission Trip to Honduras

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Sep 122015

Tips to plan the Mission Trip to Honduras

So, you decided to go on a mission trip! Your trip will be life-changing for both you and the individuals you will serve.

The following are some tips to plan a trip that will have a powerful impact of the people of Honduras:

  • Become familiar with the culture
  • Learn about the children in the children s homes you will visit
  • Plan easy activities
  • Prepare for a different environment
  • Pray that the power of God changes lives

First, you should acquaint yourself with basic facts about the country. The United Nations Website contains basic information about the country. Missions to other countries require you to understand the culture, customs, and language of the country so you can better connect with the people. If you have enough time before the mission trip, consider taking a Spanish class at your local library or community college. Going to cultural events centered on Latin American culture can bring the culture to life in a way that a book or website cannot.

If your mission trip focuses on helping children in children s homes, learning about child development is essential. Understanding child development helps you understand how to connect with the children at the home. Knowing how children think and act at different ages will help you plan activities or lessons that will make learning fun. These activities will enrich the children’s lives, especially if part of their development was spent in a sparse or traumatic environment.

If you are planning activities for children, the children s home may expect you to provide extra craft supplies or equipment for games. Before you pack half a craft store, keep in mind that the children may be used to activities that do not involve a great deal of equipment or craft material, so you can prepare simple activities. Supplies such as side-walk chalk and beach balls are easy to pack and are versatile enough to use in a number of activities with large groups of children. Large group activities are a fun way for the children, staff of the children s home, and volunteers to bond.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself before embarking on missions to another country. Make sure you are up to date on your vaccinations. The Center for Disease Control provides a list of vaccines you need to safely travel to Central America. Make sure you carry ample sunscreen, insect repellent, and water purification drops or equipment. Also, research the weather conditions for the time you wish to travel and pack appropriate rain gear or clothing for extreme temperatures.

Finally, as you go through the practical steps of preparing for a missions trip to Honduras, pray that the power of God may work through you during this trip. Christ said in John 15 that He is the vine and the Father is the vinedresser. If you remain in Him and Him in You, He will bear fruit. He will change lives. Remember, apart from Him, you can do nothing. He will give you strength for the trip and the love to reach across cultures and oceans to change the lives of children forever.